“The Society of The World is Bigger than Five” believes that we are going through a time in which, on one hand, information is globalized and technological facilities are maximized, but on the other hand, tyranny is everywhere, with escalating wars, totally disregarded human rights, increased inequalities, a large number of deaths and hunger at its peak.

On one side of the world people are starved to death, while on the other side some others are ruling within a life of fortune, safety and peace.

Just like it was in Bosnia and Afghanistan in the recent past, now also in a wide geography extending from Iraq to Syria, from Palestine to Yemen, from Egypt to Libya, to Afghanistan and Ukraine, bombs explode, millions of people lose homes and are forced to be refugees. Babies die under collapsed buildings in only the first days of their lives, women are being raped, civilians are trying to survive in the shadow of war, all unprotected.

And the United Nations, founded with the aim of protecting international peace and safety, remains a mere spectator of the wars and the human rights violations occurring across the world.

Owing to the United Nations’ Security Council built on a basis of unequal and low level representation, the peace and safety of the World has been monopolized by Five Countries. That is, the safety of the children, women, elders and civilians in the world and the future of the world itself depend on what these Five countries would say and the benefit and opinion of these Five countries are prioritized over the world peace. The tyrannies and inequalities in many parts of the world are overlooked.

We have objections to this system of inequality in which a major part of the world population is disregarded and 1.7 billion Muslims are not represented.


sec. We set off, inspired by the saying of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “The World is Bigger than Five”.

The aim of “The Society of The World is Bigger than Five” is to defend as a civil society the rights of all oppressed and suffering people in the World, to stop the inequalities and the despotism and to serve justice.

Our biggest aim is to fight and strive as a civil society organization so that the inequality, the oppression and the poverty especially in the Islamic geography is removed and to make the UN initiatives more active, more determined and sustainable.

For a fair and righteous world in which all nations are represented, wars and oppression are not overlooked, children and civilian are safer;

“The Society of The World is Bigger than Five!”